Spirits, Testimony

True Testimony: Discerning Spirits:

When faced with Job Related Obstacles

Have you ever gone for an interview a didn’t understand the discerning spirit you were receiving from the manager or did not quit understand why the interview went the way it did? let me tell you about an obstacle I experienced.

I went for an interview at a nursing home did not even know it was a nursing home until I got there arrived and set for 15 minutes waiting for the interviewer before I was approached and when she did I was asked a bunch of question that did not pertain to the job basically asking personal related question/ work ethics but the main question that caught my attention from the administrator was when she asks me “what are your weakness if any”?

According to Indeed Career Guide giving a response to your strengths and your weakness will give the company a compelling description of what you bring to the table and how you wish to grow in the future.

My response:  I took a moment to think before I answered her like is this a trick question and why would she want to know if I have a weakness or not so, I replied ” I have always been strong and able to maintain my work ethics” I have worked and supervised many people within my job experience so I know how to cope and come up with strategic tools to handle the current situation if not I will recommend to next in command.

Now some of you may be thinking hmm she got to have a weakness let me refer to King James in the Bible Samson & Delilah Judges 16:18. Samson was seduced by a prostitute every night until she got him to tell his weakness he began to speak” no razor has ever been used on my head” because I have been a Nazairite dedicated to GOD from my mother womb. If my head is shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as other man Judges 16:18.

My point is if you have a weakness do not tell anyone for the enemy maybe listening. Only share your weakness with GOD for evil spirits will wait to pond off on you and use them against you to weaken you spiritually and physically do not be deceived. As a manager she should have been asking me about work ethics pertaining to the job. If, your staff is so short, and you have a person of interest that is willing to apply for the position and is qualified than that should have been enough.

The devil comes in all kinds of ways to weaken the mind do not belittle yourself for money if you know you are educated and well equipped for the job telling a weakness will only give the enemy something to attack you with. Always remember time and observation often reveals what is beneath the pleasant appearance.



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