Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration: I am Beautiful

Good morning, love bugs I wanted to come to you today with a bit of motivation as I was reading my daily bible study tools. I came over the desire to write to the people who may be feeling different. Some people feel they must fit in with a certain crowd and accommodate them to be as equal, but I just want to let you know that it’s OK to be different. Stop trying to change yourself to become recognize by others you are beautiful just the way you are. GOD created all of us different for a reason. We each have our own unique talents given to each of us. Learn and except who you are with confidence. I would like for you to pray this prayer with me “Lord you are here listening as I talk, and I want to acknowledge your presence and ask for your help with this situation no matter what I have been going through lord. I need you to strengthen me and encourage me to except myself for who I am physically, mentally, and spiritually. Replace my smile, laughter, and joy rebuild my courage and the desire to except myself for who I am. I want to rebuke any negative thoughts that I may be having and replace them with joy and courage in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Remember you are beautiful just the way you are.

5 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: I am Beautiful”

      1. I wrote it for someone who was on my mind very deeply with nothing but 💘 you never no how many people experience pressure trying to fit or change themselves to accommodate others. Change begins with yourself love yourself frist nothing but God can create such motivation and self encouragement.

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