Quote of The Day “live life with a purpose” πŸ™Œ

What is life about?

  • Family
  • Job/ Career/ Business
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend
  • Shopping / Clothes / Shoes
  • Cars/ Trucks/Boats
  • House / Apartment

You get the meaning! what age have you gotten to, to realize that life is what you make of it?

Is knowing your priorities what makes you understand what life is about?

Do you realize change starts with you?

Do they require?

  • Preserving, pleasing, and pleasure.
  • power, praise, and prayer.
  • preaching, present, and past.
  • progress, purpose.

Some steps I use to renew the new Crystal Thornton Reconciled & Renewed

1st step: Utilizing your time.

2nd step: Clear you mind and realize what is important to you.

3rd step: Take the steps to change what you feel is necessary. (meaning change only for yourself)

4th step: Place God before any and everything.

5th step: Enjoy being renewed (GOD IS GOOD)

Daniel 9: 4-6 God is always waiting on you to repent and reconcile with him.

Think about your purpose in life.

Have a bless day luv bugs πŸ’‹


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