How To Reduce and Relieve Stress Level

     # 7 ways I Relieve Stress

  • Take a deep breath(Inhale & exhale)
  • Watch a good movie (a funny movie)
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Drive to your favorite shopping store
  • Start a Journal or Blog ( write your thoughts on paper)
  • Take a vacation
  • Live, Laugh, and Love (somebody)

What was the last time you had a good laugh that you can remember?

What was the last time you had a good laugh that you can remember?

The last time I had a good laugh was watching my children on the beach in Florida this pass Mother’s Day 2018. Watching them while they were running as their feet gallop over the sand as their eyes zoom in the view of nothing but pure blue water. The excitement that ran through their veins as they put down their towels and snacks to run to the ocean was pure happiness. I laugh so long I think I started to get teary eyed as the children ran far from me😀.

Destin Florida Miramar Beach 

When was your last vacation you took and how did it make you feel after going?

After this trip happiness was all I felt. Enjoying time with my family was a way of relieving stress and indulging in an atmosphere of pure peacefulness. If you haven’t took a vacation trip I suggest you make plans and go. To see their face expression kept me laughing the whole weekend besides it was “Mother’s Day, a day to remember that all mothers are special. This trip made it even better and I was thankful for all the laughter I endured.


Laughing is enjoying things that make you happy you either can use it or store it away like and old jacket that your aunt gave you when you were 10 years old but never could throw it away because she always asks you did you still have it every time she came to visit. Utilizing your laugh is good don’t store it away for something less like frowning. We all have a choice to enjoy laughter. Being upset and frowning all the time will only cause more stress on you and wrinkles on your face as my Bishop stated on Sunday service. GOD has place this skill in us for a reason so be happy and enjoy.

Bible verse Luke 6:21 Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Bless are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.




Find a way to endure laughter if it’s just a movie night with friends, children, coworkers etc. It doesn’t matter if you are alone by yourself laughing is good for the body.

Let’s pray if its ok with you. Dear heavenly father, I come to you today in prayer as I ask you to cover these individuals mind body and soul place there laughter back in to their life’s lord may there days be filled with joy and happiness and plenty laughter in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Have A Bless Day Luv Bugs.

9 thoughts on “How To Reduce and Relieve Stress Level”

  1. This is so sweet! It’s true as they say, laughter is often the best medicine. Thanks for sharing these fun memories and photos of your fam! 🙂

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    1. You are so welcome we get caught up in work, school, kids, jobs forget to take the meatloaf out the oven for dinner lol. If I can help the next person to remember to take a load off and realize how much their health means to them it puts a smile on my face. Stress can cause destruction all kind of ways these were just a few that I have used.

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