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June 1st summer begins

Hello, everyone dropping some fun inspiration and motivation for you today. Time to get active June 1st summer begins get your sunscreen your beach towels and your snacks time to start planning for fun activities get the kids going and ready for some adventure. Here are a few tidbits to get you going.

Some of the things you can do throughout the summer

  • Swimming, water parks, water rafting
  • Picnic
  • Dance classes
  • Cruise time (im so scared of water lol)
  • Summer vacation
  • Outside garden/ build a tree house
  • Write that book you always wanted to write (wink lol one coming soon)

Summer time is about creating that bucket list of things to do to keep you busy and excited with clean fun relaxing and enjoying something that was needed years ago  creating memories and enjoying time well spent.


Picnic are fun and it get the children engaged in outdoor activities. I decided to get everyone together and it turn out great the children were excited playing with the ducks and talking a bunch. I ask them if there was one things they could do to change and make better what would it be boy did this get them going. Teaching them how to love one another and join together even if its a picnic and small talk teaches them to fellowship with one another. They will have memories forever and so will I. What are some of things you have planned for the summer?

P.S  Remember fun & relaxing only😀😉

Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs