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Have you thought about how you affect others?


Jesus teaches us about prayer, right?

  • Fasting- when to fast and not look as dry faced place oil upon your skin and do no tell others.
  • Money- use your money wisely do not flash and flaunt I have this and that so people will come to steal.
  • Worry- don’t worry about bills, clothes, or food by worrying does it adds or subtract to your life? Seek GOD and you shall have. Do not worry for the next day that will be a new day.
  • Judging- do not judge other, or you too will be judge. what you do will be done to you.
  • Asking, seeking, knocking- ask and you will be given. everyone who receive will be given don’t be afraid what GOD has placed for you.

Why you won’t submit?

The world still refuses to be submissive to thy father and not acknowledge the “Golden Rule” which means “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. All God want you to do is say “yes” father I want to receive you and repent my sins. When you learn to cope you grow spiritually equipped and stronger as a person to fight the battles of deception. Thank “GOD” for faith and courage he brought you to see another day don’t act like you did not notice it how the days of worrying no longer existed hallelujah thank you Jesus. I know some of you try to tell yourself the day cannot get no worse than boom all heck break loose and your screaming lord have mercy. This is the time to get on your knees and poor your spirits out and tell “GOD” you need him let your glory rain on me oh lord. Don’t allow yourself to stand weak to the enemy. Stand up and say to the devil you are a liar I rebuke it in Jesus name I repeat in Jesus name.  My days shall get better by the grace of “GOD” tell the enemy your over him and he cannot hurt you no more. You have learned his sneaky and slimy ways and concurred his techniques that no longer require your assistance in Jesus name.


As the days go by do something positive it could be anything that makes you feel like ‘hey” today was a great day and lord I’m just thankful for you acknowledging my presence.


Learn to get into the word of the bible my fellow Christian Disciples and allow your season to be all season don’t let the enemy think for a second that he has you. Plant your seeds today so that everything the enemy took from you or trying to take will be restored. I come to you to repent and renew you will see how everything works out for your good in Jesus name.

P.S Do something for yourself get in the habit to recite these prayers as I come to you I will leave a link for the weekend just meditate and read while you praise GOD and give him the glory raise your hands high to the sky and ask GOD to let his blessing rain on you in Jesus name.

Prince of Peace