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Be restored & enjoy being you😉

Enjoy being you

The  only life you can enjoy is your own. People are not happy with their lives because they’re too busy embracing the reality of others.

  • I wish I was married👰
  •  I wish I had children💑
  •  I wish I had what they have👝👗💍

 I wish I had a big house and a nice 🚗 

But the thing is we have to embrace our own personalities, talents, strengths and  weakness and realize change will not start until you do so take your own appointed lot in life and know that God is asking you to be faithful and obedient to him not to someone else. I want you to take your time and ask yourself what have I been doing with what I have been given?

I come to you today in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit to let you know enjoy your life not someone else’s you have to accept your life with the good and the bad improve yourself for you not to be like anyone else. 😉

 Have a blessed Monday🙌😀

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