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Identity Declaration

Realizing that you are no longer the person you were. The more you read the Bible the more it begins to speak to you and you start to believe what the Bible says about you. God promise concerning and you shall receive faith. Please acknowledge that we make mistakes but we have to realize that you must learn from them as well. If, you believe the word of God, then you shall become what God chose you to be. You will do what he says, and when he says trust I have learned. Know that you can do it and receive what he wants you to have just like I have but you must believe.🙌😊

Do you believe in God? I do, and I have been raised around in the ⛪ since I was a little child.

Do you allow yourself to put God first? I do I ask god to give me more of him and less of me if I didn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today🙌. That’s another story big finally coming soon “Reconciled & Renewed” eBook.

Do you believe in yourself? Of course, I do if we don’t believe in our self who will It starts with self-preservation. Don’t allow on anyone to label who you are before you do.

Do you believe you have a future?  Of course, I do you always need to look for other opportunities to advance and improve a better you.

Does your past make sense with God’s truth? I can personally say that I have learned and I refuse to learn any other way but God’s way being disobedient you will pay a price.


Your beliefs must align with God’s words. You must believe in yourself first. The confidence of God’s word teaches us to fight no matter how hard it may be.

Remember doors open then Improvement take place.

Be Blessed Peace Love & Joy

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