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What Motavaites You

What does it take to motivate yourself? I have always been a determined person and a self-motivated when I really want to accomplish something. I never really been the type of person to put myself down. However, I’m sure we all have pros and cons to strength and weakness. But what I really want to talk to you all about is how my morning went today. As I was doing my morning walk & Jog I met a young lady of about 25 to be exact. I was walking along with my husband at first then I began to jog as he continued to walk. I notice this young lady caught up to jog beside me and she began to speak to me hello she said: “I never really could jog all the way around the track”. I told her don’t tell yourself that. We are in control of the body its a mind thing with great prayer and strength yes you can. I begin telling her the more you motivate and tell yourself yes, I can. You will be able to jog around a full track in no time take baby steps.


Then I ask her. do you know that there is power in the tongue? your tongue is a powerful tool so, always be mindful of what you speak because it can be the cause of what you do sometimes. She said well I always had a problem with low self-esteem. I was like 🤔.

Then we began to chat a bit more and I found my self-motivating her through the word. When God gives you the tools to speak then speak. I begin telling her the more you tell yourself “no I can not do this or that” your programming the mind to do just as such. The more you program your mind “yes I can” your implementing encouragement and you will be able to do so.

Some people tend to discourage themselves as a person before any other can we need to be aware that motivation starts with yourself first. Did you know that? then she proceeds to nod her head as I continue to speak. If people tell you to do this and that they’re only speaking it, but you are the one to control your mind to implement movement of your choice. So just do as such and speak positive words of encouragement to yourself when you feel you cannot do something.

Then I ask her. do you believe in change? uh, yea she said kind of not sure kind of response. I said to change something you must stop doing things that you are used to that doesn’t bring you a great reward. For example, the way you think about things in life as you stated: “I never could run around this hold track”.

Instead of saying what you couldn’t do start telling yourself I’m going to jog a little bit a day around this track until I am able to run the whole track without stopping. Start getting up every morning and if you believe in prayer like I do thank the Lord for allowing you to have site to see another day, air in your lungs to breath, and strength to go on another day.

Begin your morning routine differently, grab a quick breakfast, exercise, meditate for 30min give God his grace and glory before you start to complain how bad or stressful your life is. Stop allowing yourself to feel like I can not go on another day you where blessed here for a reason make yourself useful you have a purpose we all do. Our duty is to inspire, encourage, motivate, teach, listen, learn, and most of all live life.

Tell yourself I am in control of my body and mind with the lord guidance. Motivate yourself every morning until you see a change in yourself.

Be inspired you have a purpose😊

Till next time be blessed🙌🤗

5 thoughts on “What Motavaites You”

  1. You truly carried out such a motivating message! I too, believe that there is life and death in the tongue. That we have the power to bless and the power to curse. What we think about, we bring about… And like you were encouraging that young lady on the track, we are to be patient with ourselves during the process of us achieving our goals—whatever they may be. Since we have the power through the Most High to speak things into existence, why not let our words be uplifting, inspiring and purposeful towards the calling He’s placed on our lives. Thanks for writing this!

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  2. I love how you describe starting your day with gratitude in thanking God for everything you have!! It’s so true that what the mind believes, we can achieve so we better have positive thoughts!! Great post! 🙂

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