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6 things to strengthen your Marriage

6 things we use this pass summer to get our marriage back on track hope some of these can help you redefine your marriage.

  1. Exercise together, motivate each other on strengths and weakness coach each other this creates teamwork and you also increase communication with one another.
  2. Pick date night each of you picks something that is adventurous get out your comfort zone. We all no doing things when you were younger was exciting rekindle that same love. Create memories positive ones and leave the past just as it states.
  3. Try cooking a quick meal for each other teach each other something that the other doesn’t know how to cook. put away all devices and talk to each other for a couple of hours.
  4. Drive to their job or whatever location they’re at and bring gifts or lunch or write a simple thank you note for merely being blessed to have your spouse in your life.
  5. My favorite take a drive out of town just to have lunch or go shopping.
  6. Make time and do the most extraordinary adventure together helps rekindle the love.

Stop setting rules all the time come home and put on casual clothes and just take a drive the both of you. making time and actually doing the work it takes to keep a marriage going is worth it if you love each other.

until next time be blessed.🤗🙌💏

3 thoughts on “6 things to strengthen your Marriage”

    1. I would prefer you both to sit down as adults and communicate proficently. Allow each other to speak one at a time. And see what the problem really is. If you never ask and talk how would you no what’s bothering each other. Secondly prayer if you believe in God pray for your marriage daily. Thirdly start evaluating the problems and come up with concepts as a couple because a marriage is consist of two and work through those problems as a team. If your marriage is healthy and worth saving I say do it by all means. But it will require both of you. I’m a living testimony.


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