The wheel of GOD’s work

GOD can use anyone no matter how insignificant he or she appears. Mathews 10:2-4 remember the twelve apostles: Simon known as peter, Andrew; James, John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew; James; Thaddeus ;Simon; Judas Iscariot. they were all sent out to complete a mission and to for feel a purpose.

I have learned that God will place someone in your life for you. He may not have all the tools to give you everything you want and desire but he will provide your needs. My father bless me with someone that is handy with his hands and firm on his feet with amazing love but “God”. my husband is equipped of steel who found a way of working hard to provide for his family. I look back at each of the apostles on what they had to do to sacrifice being sent out like sheep among the wolves (Matthew 10:16).

Working hard can cause such destruction without a clear mind which can lead to neglect in the marriage from being overwhelmed but I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and pray that laziness away.

This prayer “#40 prayers for my husband:His work” by Kaylene Yoder has been my motivation and also has touch me spiritually. I Pray those prayer out for my husband as he is being sent to fight with the wolves on a daily. Father I pray you cover my husband at work and surround him with all your glory and holy spirit protect him from anything that is not of you father GOD. I ask that you bind any demonic spirit that will try and steer him wrong. May the employees upon his present be with a positive reflection of you my lord. Strengthen him while he endure all things in Jesus name I pray amen.

Sometime we have to stop being selfish and realize what we have is something special that GOD placed upon us to have and build off of. Learning how to pray for your husband has change me completely.

Reconciled and Renewed fix it Jesus.

Preparing for Sunday Service March 2018. AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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