Strategic Decisions: Communication


Have you ever had an experience where a strategic decision intended to satisfy someone was hurried and backfired? What was the long-term effect of that decision?

Communication is such a high priority that I found my family lacks. Being opened and straight forwarded is not considered unethical. I’m in my ISCOM/386 course and it’s teaching me so many things about the quality of service. The material is so in-depth that the majority of it not only relates to business but society and real-life issues as well. I have come across many conversations at work and home. In addition, I realize that when the specific conversation starts off with good intentions some people will reject the facts your stating and interpret the message wrong. This is where the conversation can backfire whether it’s ethical or unethical.

Before applying psychological something triggers the other person when psychology is poorly applied. It’s something that the other person didn’t understand that makes the conversation go from good intentions to bad intentions. The conversation begins to decreases because the person doesn’t agree with what you’re saying due to lack of knowledge.

Have you ever been in this situation? If so, what are some things that backfired with you and how did you determine a strategy to undo what’s been done.

Here are a few things you can do to turn the situation around?

  • Make sure the person your talking to understand what you’re saying
  • Try listening before making assumptions
  • Use your interactions when the conversation turns rocky as an opportunity to turn things around.
  • Build a positive reputation if you’re constantly giving off negative energy it will be hard for someone to talk to you.
  • Give key details with supporting facts.

Until next time be blessed 😊

And remember God Loves You and So do I


Strengthen your life with prayer


Hey, everyone, I want to try something new. And get a group going where we can discuss daily things that arise in our daily lives and kind of have that support team of positivity as well as information and resources to help one another. I believe talking about problems are great but not everyone gets that positive feedback that he or she is looking for.

I’m also looking for an admin that can help moderate the group and grow with me as well. There are several things we will be discussing in this group to help with the move of positive empowerment for women and men. I also will be doing Friday’s self-promotion in the group to expand your brand and image and in the future add more.

If you are looking to help with the growth please join the group or inbox me on more ideas to help expand this group of fellowship its all for a positive cause.

The life of a mom void the burnout


I totally went into burnout a couple days ago before I told my family that I refuse to move or lift one finger unless I choose to. We moms tend to be the soldier of the family when it comes to prayers, organizing, planning, and scheduling.

Being a wife and a mother of four out of five children still in the home can get hectic real fast with all of these different personalities and task they each have.

I read an article in one of my blog groups which brought me to write about this post here. she brought up some great point about burnout mom’s and how we tend to overwhelm ourselves by putting our children in any physical activity to keep them busy. She also asked have you ever thought about how you as the mom would have to attend everything your children do? I didn’t think about that part.

So let’s take a walk in my daily life as a mom. one of my sons finally plays middle school football after really trying out after two years he finally made his mind up. Next, he wants to try for basketball proud mom I must say. not too much of a hassle at first but then adding in his extra task to my schedule added a curveball 😩.

Things had gotten a bit hectic with the schedule even though, I’m a stay at home mom of 4/5 kids in the home. I still have to drive to three different schools, babysit 2 of my great nephews for time to time out the week, as well as study for two different courses from two different schools. The life of going back to school as an adult😔🤔😂.

After school then pick the other children up from their designated area. At this time I probably haven’t even had a bite to eat because the phone is ringing with a load of emails and teacher calling for whatever reason.

Finally, I make it home then here comes a 10th grader, 8th grader, 6th grader, and 5th-grader all need help with their homework and tons of conversation that require long debates. I’m like well who is gonna help me😭. Let alone dinner has to be prepared. my husband works the graveyard shift. So, I’m pretty much- doing everything while he sleeps during the day😩.

However, I decided that I was no longer going to be doing all of this on my own. I begin to pray and ask God to lead me in the right way with a clear mind to maintain what some people would call this a hectic” schedule.

Sometimes I’m like where do I get the strength from 🤔 “GOD” and still be a loving wife, a disciplined mother, and still in my right mind with the right spirit.

Do that sound like a task you can handle? Don’t forget hungry people every day looking supper😏.

Theirs three things that get me through the week besides coffee and cigarettes.



3. And Meditation

Some may so oh no cigarettes yeah, I puff every now and then and after I just add those two bad habits to my prayer list. Don’t forget we are all humans and life is a working progress.

I truly believe with these you would make life more manageable.

I begin to strategize a plan to get everyone on task and make things a bit smoother.

This is the part when super moms turn to super warriors.

“Let’s get organize”

1. the plan begins with a family meeting.

2. Schedule chores out for the week.

3. All notification of any event or meeting form kids has to be submitted to super mom/ super warrior before the day its due.

(FYI) for some reason kids love to tell you oh mom I need this and that as you drive them to school and your like when it’s due uh today 😩.

4. Make sure kids are on board with scheduling and aware of all duties assigned.

(FYI) if you have to write it down and place it on the fridge that ok to whatever helps keep things smooth for the family.

5. Place hubby on duties a marriage is consist of two. now my husband is in control of carpooling in the am. While I take the pm shift.

Since I begin analyzing and creating a concept to keep this “hectic” schedule on the task. I have created a system that benefits everyone accordingly.

So now kids are getting their clothes organized at night doing homework as instructed, while I focus on my education. Hubby still gets to sleep after dropping everyone off in the am. This gives me plenty of energy to cook a meal of my choice because I’m not burned out or overwhelmed by supermom duties and everyone is happy. keeping some order of operation allowed me to keep things in order.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my day as a super mom and remember If we as mothers don’t take care of ourselves and implement strategies or ask for help when needed a burnout is soon to come.

Health and stress is no match for super moms we have to be equipped as super warriors so we may live a long life to hear and see all the things our children, grandchildren etc. endure.

Until next time remember God loves you and so do I.

Be blessed and stress -free because your health does matters.🤗