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Yoga 🧘‍♀️ In Our Daily Life

If your curious about 🧘‍♀️ and wondering. How does it work? What will I gain from it? Then your in the right place. Follow the link below and I will tell you all about it. Any questions leave a comment under the video and I will be sure to answer them to the best of my ability. Remember health is best.💜🧘‍♀️☮️


Would you like your playlist run?

If you have a YouTube channel. I am doing a weekly winner for playlist watch hours. Come on you could be the next winner. Support small youtubers.

Follow the link to enter👍👇

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Crystal Vlogs

If your wondering about chemotherapy , radiation, and Bachytherapy. Check out my YouTube channel Crystal Vlogs for multiple vlogs as I go through my journey of cervical cancer treatment.

Thanks guys and love you all. I’m so happy to provide for the next person we are all in this cancer battle together.🙏😇❤️ 😘. Follow the link below👇

Cancer, Christian Testimony, life crisis


Hey Guys, today was my last chemotherapy and I must say all praise go to God. I could have not done it without him. I still have some treatments of internal and external radiation to complete but with great prayer and grace from God. I will get through this as I have with 6 chemotherapy treatments. since, my diagnose 5/8/2019. I have been dealing with stage 2B Cervical Cancer (CC). It has not been easy on a daily. It has been very difficult making my life impossible to endure but I manage to get through with the support system I do have. I am just praying for a speedy recovery for cancer free results in Jesus name I pray Amen. keep those prayers going for me.

“Change Me Oh Lord”