Identity Declaration


Realizing that you are no longer the person you were. The more you read the Bible the more it begins to speak to you and you start to believe what the Bible says about you. God promise concerning and you shall receive faith. Please acknowledge that we make mistakes but we have to realize that you must learn from them as well. If, you believe the word of God, then you shall become what God chose you to be. You will do what he says, and when he says trust I have learned. Know that you can do it and receive what he wants you to have just like I have but you must believe.🙌😊

Do you believe in God? I do, and I have been raised around in the ⛪ since I was a little child.

Do you allow yourself to put God first? I do I ask god to give me more of him and less of me if I didn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today🙌. That’s another story big finally coming soon “Reconciled & Renewed” eBook.

Do you believe in yourself? Of course, I do if we don’t believe in our self who will It starts with self-preservation. Don’t allow on anyone to label who you are before you do.

Do you believe you have a future?  Of course, I do you always need to look for other opportunities to advance and improve a better you.

Does your past make sense with God’s truth? I can personally say that I have learned and I refuse to learn any other way but God’s way being disobedient you will pay a price.


Your beliefs must align with God’s words. You must believe in yourself first. The confidence of God’s word teaches us to fight no matter how hard it may be.

Remember doors open then Improvement take place.

Be Blessed Peace Love & Joy

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Life is not always fair, but GOD is always FAITHFUL



Have you been so stressed and unhappy lately? Thinking about all the things that have been going wrong instead of reflecting on what you have been going right? Being overwhelmed or having second thoughts on your life?



In life we need to reflect on the positive in our lives rather than the negative. If, so we would learn to enjoy life even during are most difficult times in life. I know my blog post are full of inspiration and motivation, but it also tells you ways to cope with life as you go through your difficult times. I’m relating from self-preservation because I know what it feels like to endure difficult times.

We as people must prepare and get ourselves in a state of mind where we are ready for anything. Meaning whatever mindset, you are in you must learn to live and be humble in any circumstance. life will not be easy you know God never said that it was. As our messiah he has been through everything we ever endured. He never said that we would not suffer and must compromise in life but what God did say is to enjoy life and overcome the battles of destruction with strength and courage to defeat any and everything that is not of God.

Here is a little humor for you have you ever heard, and I quote “What Don’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger” unquote we must be strong life is full of obstacles but by having grace we will defeat all things in Jesus name.

I would like to share something with you all on how I overcame circumstances of overwhelmed in my life of being a mother and a wife, you must do so many things vice versa with the fathers. As mother we want to have our cake and eat it to figuratively speaking I know how women are because I’m one but as nurtures and even providers to my single mother and fathers we want are freedom sometimes. However, we must obey and abide by our family and marriage first haveing to much freedom from your family and duties as a parent can lead you off track and overwhelmed with

        Daily routine as a Parent

  • Get the kids up in the morning
  • Take the children to school
  • Go to work yourself
  • Work an 8 to 5 shift
  • Pick the kids up from school or daycare and help with their homework
  • Pick up groceries and prepare dinner so the husband can eat & take a lunch
  • Study for your exam because you went back to school after having a midlife crisis
  • Prepare everyone for bedtime, iron school clothes for next day and you’re still awake because you must clean the kitchen.

I remember when I had to make a choice either continue roaming town as a single woman because I wanted independent freedom or change my life and focus on my children and my marriage. I know we tend to get frustrated and want to give up, but I just want to let you know that my God is an Awesome God oh yes, he is, and we must learn to choose to be happy through the good and bad days even if our hair stick on top of are head when we take the kids to school or forget are car keys in the house trying to get the kids to school. I want you to know that God never put more on you than you can bear look at it as your wake up call from heaven.

If you ever feel overwhelmed just pray to Our Father God and ask him to remove your burdens just like Paul in the bible did basically he had to learn to be humble. In addition, Paul realized he had to make the best of whatever it was that he would face in life.

When we allow our self to be humble we begin to appreciate God more through all the battles in our lives. You start to find yourself indulging into God more than ever embracing and praising him on a daily.

Remember he who strengthens me from any circumstance I withhold: I am self-sufficient and Christ sufficiency]” (Philippines 4:11-13).


follow in prayer if you like. 👇


Inspiration on Sunday Best


Don’t be afraid stand tall raise your hands to the sky and allow GOD to in steal all his grace upon you with all mercy in Jesus name. Get ready to receive something that you never felt. I’m calling the angles down from heaven to surround you with pure understanding whatever you may be facing. GOD is in place and lining up his soldiers for battle. I come to you on this glorious Sunday and yes glorious because you are alive to see another day, breathe another day, be with your children and family another day in Jesus name. I come to you today for peace and understanding strength and courage to maintain things that you no longer understand. Raise your hands high and praise GOD thank him for everything in your life acknowledge the father because without him we are nothing.



Jesus performed many miracles, so I come to you today in jesus name to pray over our nation and anybody that may need some help with finance or health I want you to know Jesus is always on time. Jesus reached out an touched a man. “I am willing he said”. “Be Clean” Immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy.

Then Jesus said to him “see that you don’t tell anyone. But go, show yourself to the priest and offer the gift Moses command as a testimony to them” Matthew 8: 2-4


GOD already know what you are experiencing allow yourself to put it all in his hands he will never forsake the day will get better just gotta have faith lord have mercy on our souls.

P.S. I just wanted my Christian Disciples to know the devil did not want me to deliver this message this morning it took my computer 2 hours to upload windows crashing one after another. I tried to pull up word it kept crashing duplicating repeatedly. But I stayed calm and rebuke that spirit back to the pits of hell. I proceeded to reboot the laptop and allowed it to take another 30 min to upload and my GOD it did this only allowed me to know that I was on the right path anytime you are doing something good be prepared for those unexpected obstacles that try to take place Thank you Lord.

Have a Bless Sunday luv Bugs

And remember GOD loves you and so do I