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Couples Date Night

Hello everyone, It’s Married Couples Monday and I wanted to reach out to the married people today. Do you attend date nights with your spouse even if you do not like the scenery yah or nay? Or you just do not go?

I use this topic in a Facebook group I’m in these are real people comments but I will not disclose their name due to privacy and group rules. However, this is a question based off my own personal aspects and testimonies.

I have always found it a bit uncomfortable when my spouse wants me to attend or go to something that I do not require interest in. Am I being selfish? Is it right that he goes to everything I like to do but when it’s his turn I’m a bit of a downer hmm. Let’s look at some of the comments and advice received from married couples and their perspective pertaining to this topic.

Married Couples

Mary – said the right thing to do would be to attend. she thought that some spouses are sensitive, so she suggested that communicating with your spouse ahead of time so that you both would have a dialogue on what the other spouse like and dislike.

Sarah insisted yes, she would go if it’s something the spouse really enjoys explaining that marriage is made up of two people and it’s not always about what one person like.

Lexis said yes because she believes in compromising even though each spouse like different things you must sacrifice for each other.

Jill said no she will not attend somewhere she doesn’t like and that her spouse is ok with it.

All of these are intriguing to me but the thing in a marriage is that you never know what the other spouse like or really dislike. if there is any lack in communication and know sacrifice is being placed how could it work. plan ahead of time no last-minute date night building a marriage together requires teamwork. know that you are still growing with each other by the day and acknowledge to learn from each other not just one spouses way. I agree that if it’s positive and a safe environment why not attend. sometimes you must break the chain of selfishness and compromise with the other to indulge and make each other happy even if it’s a bit corky. marriage is all about making each other happy like the very first time neither spouse should be left behind.


What are some of the things you have told your spouse 👎 to and then thought about it after he or she left?

Did you think am being selfish?  remember some spouse won’t speak just to make you happy but is that right? Not at all.

P.s. Teamwork Makes the Marriage Work. 💑💋😘👌

Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs💋





GOD can use anyone no matter how insignificant he or she appears. Mathews 10:2-4 remember the twelve apostles: Simon known as peter, Andrew; James, John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew; James; Thaddeus; Simon; Judas Iscariot. they all received a gift and was sent out to complete a mission to fore feel a purpose.

I have learned that GOD will place someone in your life only for you. He may not have all the tools to give you everything you want and desire, but he will provide your needs. My father blesses me with someone who is handy with his hands and firm on his feet with amazing love nothing but “GOD”. My husband is a man equipped of steel who found a way of working hard to provide for his family. I look back at each of the apostles on what they had to do to sacrifice being sent out like sheep among the wolves (Matthew 10:16).

Realizing working hard can cause such destruction without a clear mind which can become a pro or a con in one’s marriage leading to all kinds of destruction.


This prayer “#40 prayers for my husband: His work” by Kaylene Yoder has been my motivation and has touch me spiritually. I have Prayed those prayer for my husband as he is being sent to fight with the wolves on a daily. Father I pray you cover my husband at work and surround him with all your glory and holy spirit protect him from anything that is not of you father GOD. I ask that you bind any demonic spirit that will try to steer him wrong. May the employees upon his present be with a positive reflection of you my lord. Strengthen him while he endures all things in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Sometimes we must stop being selfish and realize what we have is something special that GOD placed upon us to have and build on. Learning how to pray for your husband has changed me completely. Take the time out and pray for your love ones it doesn’t have to be your spouse it could be for anyone.

Reconciled and Renewed fix it Jesus.

Have Bless Day Luv Bugs.



Preparing for Sunday Service March 2018. AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Reconciled & Renewed


On this blog you will see prayers and positive speaking I will be sharing as a gift of testimony reconcile and renewed marriage. Life has not always been easy, but I realize now the work, love, and patients you must endure. Sometimes you need a wakeup call to remind you to step




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away from the outside world and acknowledge your problems and fix them together as a couple. Rebuilding your relationship through positive actions and learning to remove negative out of your life. Martial solution may seem hard to complete together but with 10 years of experience I can relate to the struggle. I tell you now it won’t be easy but if you put the effort and trust in to it with GOD’s mercy and glory you shall conquer most of the obstacles together.

#6 Things to start working on in your marriage

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Sexuality & Affection
  • Spiritual Beliefs

Take these tools and begin to discuss some of the things with your spouse as you both reconcile your strengths and weakness and growth areas together.