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No Age Is To Old To Obtain a Dipolma or Ged.

Hello, my name is Crystal Dozier an I am the 2019 Eagle Delegate for Columbus Technical College (CTC). The Adult Education Program has made a tremendous impact on my life by providing me with a second chance to complete my Ged. I never thought that I would be mentoring to others in the midst of my life-changing experience. so, I would like to talk about how the Adult Education Program impacts the life within our community so people will no that no age is too old when it comes to better yourself as an individual.


I am a native in Columbus Georgia raised by a single parent (my mother) from the age of 5 until 17 years of age. my life was steady until I become a teen mom. I begin to experience hard times in several areas in my life while suffering from anxiety and depression. which lead me to quit school. At this point, I knew I had sacrificed my education. as time passed I begin to think about how I would provide for my family financially. so, I begin working jobs that only paid minim wage and did not require a High School Diploma or Ged (General Education Development). which, later became more depressing to me. I am now married with children who I would like to mentor the importance of a high school diploma or Ged. I always asked myself how can I set an example if I don’t have one myself. so, I decided to make a change in my life.

I begin looking for resources in the community and read online that Columbus Technical College had an Adult Education Program, that provided three different class schedules, which are beneficial for the community. The college has teachers to help you prepare for your GED with numerous skills to guide you along the way. Vouchers to go towards your GED practice test and the actual GED test. I knew this would be a life-changing opportunity for me.


Now I have started the Adult Education Program it has been more than just a place for me to go study my Ged. It’s like a support system I never had. I’m just thankful for my Instructor and transitional coach for providing me with Ged ready skills, encouraging words, in-depth motivation, presentations or topics to keep my focus. The classroom has such a positive impact. I begin to open up to my peers and help them with things that they may be struggling with. For example, resumes and job search. I even got one of my peers hired at a previous company I use to work for.

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After completing my GED, I plan to start college to pursue a degree in Business Management and one day open an outreach center for risk teen within my community. while continuing to inspire others the importance of a high school diploma or Ged. If I can help our youth be great I will. The joy of motivational leadership is my passion and I will continue to help others because I once needed someone to encourage and help me finish school. Our youth is our future. If we won’t do it who will.

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Your Marriage is a Project

Hello, my married couples back with another article for the married people. How do you deal with uplifting your marriage? Let’s dig in with a couple of things I been working on this summer when it comes to strengthening marriage.

Your marriage is a project

I’m in my thirties now, and I’m so laid back my husband must ask me am I alright a thousand times a day. Due to the change of wanting more in life, my focus is different. Now the status of our marriage is surrounded by things like how to become more intimate with each other, time spent outside of the home, and how to build a better future. Marriage is like a project, and if you give up when you get to the tuff part, I want you to stop and ask yourself what is it that you need to assess in the relationship.

Working on your marriage is very important. Yes, you may yell and scream but after all that is said and done “regroup” and pray. Prayers for your marriage work wonders trust me if it didn’t I wouldn’t be writing this post and you wouldn’t be reading it.

A couple of things married people should focus more on is

1). Knowing your worth and what you both value in life.

2). listening to what each other have to say not just one person side but allowing each other to express themselves without interruption.

(FYI) Communication speaks a lot about your perception of marriage.

We all know everything is not going to be peachy but learning from all those bumpy roads have designed me to become the wife that I am today. Remember to not get so lost that you lose focus on what is essential.

After evaluating our circumstances, we both begin to embrace smiles that lit up across our face and even enjoy the little things that brought back the joy of why we got married in the first place.

However, we cannot take all the credit becoming more spiritual has allowed not only me but my husband to remove a lot of things in both of our lives to create and develop a true an unbreakable marriage.

Now that I look back on how both of us agreed to work together by putting our words into action in a more positive way has made our marriage stronger, and we give all praise to the highest “GOD.”


Acknowledge your position & work out your differences

There are one million things we can do but being a husband is not one of them no your position it’s ok to be a little submissive. I remember my aunt told me one day act like a lady years ago not in a disrespectful way but to be more laid back and try not to be so passive.

We, women, tend to get overwhelmed because we are doing a million things that we don’t have to do. We are merely doing them because of either

1. we want it done a certain way or

2. we are just too impatient to wait.

I have realized that perfection will leave you a mess and stressed. work together on your difference and implement a plan that is suitable for the both of you. prayer has brought my marriage along the way.

I recommend meditation set aside a time and just relax.

“What Happen When Husbands & Wives Pray Together” by Carey Moore & Pamela Rosewell Moore give you insight on how to deal with things like this.


For example, say your spouse didn’t bring back the right type of coffee, late getting home, or forgot to put gas in the car, etc.

When my husband comes home with the wrong order, and I am being as honest as I can be. I usually scream like you can’t get a straightforward task right 🤔.

Now since we mellowed out our differences. My response will be more appropriate. And without the disrespect, he just goes back and corrects it because he is trying to make me happy and who wants to argue over something so petty as a coffee order🤔.

When things may seem rocky in your relationship the devil will take the smallest things like a mistake on a coffee order and make it an argument.

If you’re praying and acknowledging how to assess situations before and after. when the time comes you will know how to handle a situation like these.

Learning to channel my emotions, separate myself from the problem, and listen without becoming so frustrated has allowed me to hear and think of ways to fix the issue. Such as

  1. Call your spouse and have them repeat the order back to you.
  2. Write the order down so your spouse can remember.
  3. Have a conversation about the things that irritate you so when you do get in a situation you won’t use stuff like this to argue on.
  4. Help each other out so that the other spouse is not so overwhelmed.

Being able to communicate and understand the difference between each other than assuming who knows best is more efficient in a marriage.

Mistakes are going to be made but just try not to put too much emphasis on it and move on, to be honest, it’s better this way and healthier.

Wasting time arguing never fix anything in return gives both of you a headache 😣 and the issue still is not resolved.

Try focusing on the thing that brings you joy. Like sending positive love texts, playing some mellow music and just enjoy each others company.

I remember this poem my husband sent me from “” my husband sends them all the time, but this one stuck in my head because I’m a sucker for poetry and lovey text.

Those texts that bring joy through the day😘😊

“You Mean the World to Me”

In all our time together, you’ve come to mean so much to me. You are my best friend my life and all my dreams. You give me hope when I’m all out. You are my pick-me-up when I’m feeling down. You make me feel good about myself. There will never be anyone else for the rest of the time to love me as you do and for me to like you too. The way I love you, you mean the world to me. You are my soul, my spirit, and my everything.


God made wives abide and help when difficulties arise. I call it “The Strength For His Armor” because God made a marriage consist of two. When one is weak, the other is strong.

As weeks pass by I begin to notice the change in my husband and myself, I started something with my husband called let’s get active. Anyone can try this really but mainly I believe it’s better for couples that have been married more than five to seven years. Because after the first five years things seem to start getting old and we need to reevaluate our circumstance to spend more time together as a couple especially with family, work, and children its always essential to make time for your spouse.

If you would like to try some let’s get active here are a couple of things to give you an idea. Please follow the link below for more information.

6 things to strengthen your Marriage

Until next time and remember God loves you and so do I.

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Identity Declaration

Realizing that you are no longer the person you were. The more you read the Bible the more it begins to speak to you and you start to believe what the Bible says about you. God promise concerning and you shall receive faith. Please acknowledge that we make mistakes but we have to realize that you must learn from them as well. If, you believe the word of God, then you shall become what God chose you to be. You will do what he says, and when he says trust I have learned. Know that you can do it and receive what he wants you to have just like I have but you must believe.🙌😊

Do you believe in God? I do, and I have been raised around in the ⛪ since I was a little child.

Do you allow yourself to put God first? I do I ask god to give me more of him and less of me if I didn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today🙌. That’s another story big finally coming soon “Reconciled & Renewed” eBook.

Do you believe in yourself? Of course, I do if we don’t believe in our self who will It starts with self-preservation. Don’t allow on anyone to label who you are before you do.

Do you believe you have a future?  Of course, I do you always need to look for other opportunities to advance and improve a better you.

Does your past make sense with God’s truth? I can personally say that I have learned and I refuse to learn any other way but God’s way being disobedient you will pay a price.


Your beliefs must align with God’s words. You must believe in yourself first. The confidence of God’s word teaches us to fight no matter how hard it may be.

Remember doors open then Improvement take place.

Be Blessed Peace Love & Joy

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Prayer Warrior

“Worry Prayer”

OH God you are the God of peace and I am A worrier. Take away my worry and give me some of your peace. Father God help me not waste my time worrying about things that I can no longer control. Allow me to accept them and over come. Lord grant me a quite night and peaceful sleep in Jesus Amen.


“Strength Prayer”

Dear, Heavenly Father give me the strength to endure this situation and find the blessings and lesson that it contains. Please give me the endurance to continue ahead. Please guide my thoughts; words and actions so that I walk your path of peace and love in Jesus name 🙌



“Prayer for Anxiety & Stress”

Oh, heavenly father I come to you today to clear my mind because my soul is weary. Worry of fear and doubt. I come and ask of you father God surround me on every side. I want to embrace your sweet mercy. I wish to no longer bind myself to be held back my lord. Hear my cry father God let me trust in your mercy. Show me how to free my anxiety & stress. Clear my mind so that I may find rest in your loving Amen. (Psalm: 121, 116, 27, 34, 40, and 62).


“Sickness & pain Prayer”

Dear heavenly, father I come to you on this day to not complain but to simply ask in your name that you bind all sickness and pain from my body rejuvenate me with your will father God and allow me to be heal in your name. Reach out over my entire body send your spirit down lord and turn my sickness in restoration for health. I ask that you cleanse my soul relieve all pain and remove all tears and replace with pure happiness in Jesus name Amen.

Overcoming The Lies of The Enemy”

From this day forward, I will condemn the thoughts that the devil sends to penetrate my mind and confess that I will defeat the enemy by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony. I pray just as you promised heavenly father that every weapon formed against me shall not prosper. The holy spirit will rise and stand against the strongholds and they will be cast down and destroyed in Jesus name Amen.


I hope these prayer help you as they help me in a time of need struggling with life and all it has to offer can be overwhelming sometimes and I just want to let you know there is a way when you feel you have no other way out. You just have to pray 🙌🙏👍 and hold on a just a little while longer.😉

I do not own the rights to this song👇 or affilate with this link in any kind of way. I am simply sharing a song that I think you will enjoy to defeat the enemy.

Have a bless Day and enjoy😉

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Life is not always fair, but GOD is always FAITHFUL


Have you been so stressed and unhappy lately? Thinking about all the things that have been going wrong instead of reflecting on what you have been going right? Being overwhelmed or having second thoughts on your life?



In life we need to reflect on the positive in our lives rather than the negative. If, so we would learn to enjoy life even during are most difficult times in life. I know my blog post are full of inspiration and motivation, but it also tells you ways to cope with life as you go through your difficult times. I’m relating from self-preservation because I know what it feels like to endure difficult times.

We as people must prepare and get ourselves in a state of mind where we are ready for anything. Meaning whatever mindset, you are in you must learn to live and be humble in any circumstance. life will not be easy you know God never said that it was. As our messiah he has been through everything we ever endured. He never said that we would not suffer and must compromise in life but what God did say is to enjoy life and overcome the battles of destruction with strength and courage to defeat any and everything that is not of God.

Here is a little humor for you have you ever heard, and I quote “What Don’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger” unquote we must be strong life is full of obstacles but by having grace we will defeat all things in Jesus name.

I would like to share something with you all on how I overcame circumstances of overwhelmed in my life of being a mother and a wife, you must do so many things vice versa with the fathers. As mother we want to have our cake and eat it to figuratively speaking I know how women are because I’m one but as nurtures and even providers to my single mother and fathers we want are freedom sometimes. However, we must obey and abide by our family and marriage first haveing to much freedom from your family and duties as a parent can lead you off track and overwhelmed with

        Daily routine as a Parent

  • Get the kids up in the morning
  • Take the children to school
  • Go to work yourself
  • Work an 8 to 5 shift
  • Pick the kids up from school or daycare and help with their homework
  • Pick up groceries and prepare dinner so the husband can eat & take a lunch
  • Study for your exam because you went back to school after having a midlife crisis
  • Prepare everyone for bedtime, iron school clothes for next day and you’re still awake because you must clean the kitchen.

I remember when I had to make a choice either continue roaming town as a single woman because I wanted independent freedom or change my life and focus on my children and my marriage. I know we tend to get frustrated and want to give up, but I just want to let you know that my God is an Awesome God oh yes, he is, and we must learn to choose to be happy through the good and bad days even if our hair stick on top of are head when we take the kids to school or forget are car keys in the house trying to get the kids to school. I want you to know that God never put more on you than you can bear look at it as your wake up call from heaven.

If you ever feel overwhelmed just pray to Our Father God and ask him to remove your burdens just like Paul in the bible did basically he had to learn to be humble. In addition, Paul realized he had to make the best of whatever it was that he would face in life.

When we allow our self to be humble we begin to appreciate God more through all the battles in our lives. You start to find yourself indulging into God more than ever embracing and praising him on a daily.

Remember he who strengthens me from any circumstance I withhold: I am self-sufficient and Christ sufficiency]” (Philippines 4:11-13).


follow in prayer if you like. 👇


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Be restored & enjoy being you😉

Enjoy being you

The  only life you can enjoy is your own. People are not happy with their lives because they’re too busy embracing the reality of others.

  • I wish I was married👰
  •  I wish I had children💑
  •  I wish I had what they have👝👗💍

 I wish I had a big house and a nice 🚗 

But the thing is we have to embrace our own personalities, talents, strengths and  weakness and realize change will not start until you do so take your own appointed lot in life and know that God is asking you to be faithful and obedient to him not to someone else. I want you to take your time and ask yourself what have I been doing with what I have been given?

I come to you today in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit to let you know enjoy your life not someone else’s you have to accept your life with the good and the bad improve yourself for you not to be like anyone else. 😉

 Have a blessed Monday🙌😀


Bible study for the weekend wonders

Jesus teaches us about prayer, right? How to fast, about money, worry, judging others, asking,seeking, and knocking

So why is the world still refusing to be submissive to thy father and not acknowledge thy “Golden Rule” which means “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. All God want you to do is say “yes” father I want to receive you and repent my sins. When you learn to cope you grow spiritually equipped and stronger as a person to fight the battles of  war. don’t be mislead  Thank “GOD” for faith and courage he brought you to see another day. don’t act like you did not notice how the days of worrying no longer existed hallelujah thank you Jesus. I know some of you try to tell yourself the day cannot get no worse than boom all heck break loose and your screaming lord have mercy. This is the time to get on your knees and poor your spirits out and tell “GOD” you need him let your glory rain on me oh lord. Don’t allow yourself to stand weak to the enemy stand up and stell those demonic spirits go back to the pits of hell where you belong. I rebuke it in Jesus name I repeat in Jesus name.  always remember your days will get better by the grace of “GOD” tell the enemy your over him and he cannot hurt you no more that you have learned his sneaky and slimy ways and concurred his techniques that no longer and they are no longer required. As the days go by do something positive it could be anything that makes you feel like ‘hey” today was a great day and lord I’m just thankful for you acknowledging my presence. Learn to get into the word of the bible my fellow Christian Disciples and allow your season to be all season don’t let the enemy think for a second that he has you. Plant your seeds today so that everything the enemy took from you or trying to take will be restored. I come to you to repent and renew GOD is GOOD and GOOD is GOD.

P.S. Get in the habit to recite these prayers as I come to you I will leave a link for the weekend just meditate and read while you praise GOD and give him the glory raise your hands high to the sky and ask GOD to let his blessing rain on you in Jesus name.




Prince of Peace

Teach me my lord to seek you for decisions I need to make. Help me recognize your answer and give me peace father GOD with each decision help me to simplify my life lord so I can simplify my choices Jesus. I am ready for the trip of my lifetime, yes lord so release me from the distractions of my choice over- load me with your grace lord feel me with your presence enter my heart so that it may be pure so that I may lead in your name Jesus I am ready to live a life unencumbered by deception. AMEN