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June 1st summer begins

Hello, everyone dropping some fun inspiration and motivation for you today. Time to get active June 1st summer begins get your sunscreen your beach towels and your snacks time to start planning for fun activities get the kids going and ready for some adventure. Here are a few tidbits to get you going.

Some of the things you can do throughout the summer

  • Swimming, water parks, water rafting
  • Picnic
  • Dance classes
  • Cruise time (im so scared of water lol)
  • Summer vacation
  • Outside garden/ build a tree house
  • Write that book you always wanted to write (wink lol one coming soon)

Summer time is about creating that bucket list of things to do to keep you busy and excited with clean fun relaxing and enjoying something that was needed years ago  creating memories and enjoying time well spent.


Picnic are fun and it get the children engaged in outdoor activities. I decided to get everyone together and it turn out great the children were excited playing with the ducks and talking a bunch. I ask them if there was one things they could do to change and make better what would it be boy did this get them going. Teaching them how to love one another and join together even if its a picnic and small talk teaches them to fellowship with one another. They will have memories forever and so will I. What are some of things you have planned for the summer?

P.S  Remember fun & relaxing only😀😉

Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs

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Discerned Faith & Truth

God has mold me into the person I was meant to be and allowing me to experience a renewed life. Which has completed me with pure faith oh my GOD is an awesome GOD. However, I just want to thank him on today not liked any other day is different but the moment I started this blog I new that I was going to be ok with experiencing myself biblically and learning to except what GOD has placed in me and it’s ok to share and express this renewed life. Who doesn’t want anyone to hear the word of GOD besides the non- believers and I’m praying that one day they will have a change of religion to receive GOD as our savior as well.
I have come to realize that accepting the truth can sometimes lead to feelings being heart and pain endured but to get closer to God you are going to experience somethings. Call this your leap of faith but don’t be naive learn from them. Don’t take the lesson and leave it in vain use it to elevate yourself higher. The enemy like that fact that people drink alcohol, drugs, clubbing and fleeing through the town with all kind of destruction manipulating, fornicating, lying, gossiping stealing killing etc. All of these are all displeasing to GOD don’t be misled. Kingdom comes without observation “observation” meaning you can’t see it sort of like being blind to the truth. Stop relying on human observation and put your faith in Jesus Christ he is the one to lead you, uplift you, guide you, and never will forsake you. Being spiritual has enlighten me to see everything for what it is. In the bible this would be call “discerned” to look beyond the physical (metaphysical) into the realm of the unseen. However, most people would get this confuse with assumption. Assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
The Truth is I have excepted these gifts of the holy spirit and learn to use them as a tool to share the knowledge as it come to me to share my journey filled with motivation and inspiration. GOD is an almighty GOD I just wish that everyone would feel that way. The bible is like a living tool for us to utilize it while we live on earth. Have ever set down and read the whole bible? I know I haven’t but the more I read it the more knowledge I gain.

The displeasing things we do as humans the mistakes and destruction are all in the bible to warn us to keep such things from happening. call this his wisdom biblically speaking, in the human form intuition. GOD did not die on the cross for his people to suffer in vain we all no that he died for our sins so, why continue to do things that are displeasing in the eyes of the lord. I know I’m not perfect, but my GOD learn from your mistakes and lead by example don’t allow your mistakes to keep occurring. Failure is not permanant act if, that’s the case GOD would have not created “CHANGE” the act of instance of making or becoming different. We all can understand something immediately and we all have choices to choose if we want to except change. I come here today and ask you to do something for yourself and change something in your life that you no longer like about yourself that is displeasing in GOD eyes.

As I lead us in to prayer feel free to join me👇

Dear heavenly, father as I come to you today and ask of you to clear all minds and hearts and for feel these individuals that come to you on this glories day and allow them to change the things that are not pleasing to you GOD our heavenly father and give them the understanding to know that its ok to be different and rebuke anything that is not of you my lord in Jesus name I pray Amen.
If your feeling like you can no longer deal with things in your life anymore I’m always here to provide courage, positive inspiration, motivation,and prayer.

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P.S Don’t allow the enemy to drop in and turn you 👈 while you are 👉 right. Start realizing that the only way you can be for certain about something is to apply yourself and take necessary steps on gaining change till next time.
Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs💋


Quote of The Day “live life with a purpose” 🙌

This was my turning point when I could no longer tolerate unclean spirits


What is life about?

  • Family
  • Job/ Career/ Business
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend
  • Shopping / Clothes / Shoes
  • Cars/ Trucks/Boats
  • House / Apartment

You get the meaning! what age have you gotten to, to realize that life is what you make of it?

Is knowing your priorities what makes you understand what life is about?

Do you realize change starts with you?

Do they require?

  • Preserving, pleasing, and pleasure.
  • power, praise, and prayer.
  • preaching, present, and past.
  • progress, purpose.

Some steps I use to renew the new Crystal Thornton Reconciled & Renewed

1st step: Utilizing your time.

2nd step: Clear you mind and realize what is important to you.

3rd step: Take the steps to change what you feel is necessary. (meaning change only for yourself)

4th step: Place God before any and everything.

5th step: Enjoy being renewed (GOD IS GOOD)

Daniel 9: 4-6 God is always…

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How To Reduce and Relieve Stress Level

     # 7 ways I Relieve Stress

  • Take a deep breath(Inhale & exhale)
  • Watch a good movie (a funny movie)
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Drive to your favorite shopping store
  • Start a Journal or Blog ( write your thoughts on paper)
  • Take a vacation
  • Live, Laugh, and Love (somebody)

What was the last time you had a good laugh that you can remember?

What was the last time you had a good laugh that you can remember?

The last time I had a good laugh was watching my children on the beach in Florida this pass Mother’s Day 2018. Watching them while they were running as their feet gallop over the sand as their eyes zoom in the view of nothing but pure blue water. The excitement that ran through their veins as they put down their towels and snacks to run to the ocean was pure happiness. I laugh so long I think I started to get teary eyed as the children ran far from me😀.

Destin Florida Miramar Beach 

When was your last vacation you took and how did it make you feel after going?

After this trip happiness was all I felt. Enjoying time with my family was a way of relieving stress and indulging in an atmosphere of pure peacefulness. If you haven’t took a vacation trip I suggest you make plans and go. To see their face expression kept me laughing the whole weekend besides it was “Mother’s Day, a day to remember that all mothers are special. This trip made it even better and I was thankful for all the laughter I endured.


Laughing is enjoying things that make you happy you either can use it or store it away like and old jacket that your aunt gave you when you were 10 years old but never could throw it away because she always asks you did you still have it every time she came to visit. Utilizing your laugh is good don’t store it away for something less like frowning. We all have a choice to enjoy laughter. Being upset and frowning all the time will only cause more stress on you and wrinkles on your face as my Bishop stated on Sunday service. GOD has place this skill in us for a reason so be happy and enjoy.

Bible verse Luke 6:21 Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Bless are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.




Find a way to endure laughter if it’s just a movie night with friends, children, coworkers etc. It doesn’t matter if you are alone by yourself laughing is good for the body.

Let’s pray if its ok with you. Dear heavenly father, I come to you today in prayer as I ask you to cover these individuals mind body and soul place there laughter back in to their life’s lord may there days be filled with joy and happiness and plenty laughter in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Have A Bless Day Luv Bugs.

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Inspiring 1st time blogger: Me 😬


Hello, everyone I am an inspiring first-time blogger and I wanted to chime in and give some pointers on some of the things I have been noticing about blogging and networking as an inspiring blogger we must do better for the next blogger

Lead by Example

#6 Things I have notice about blogging

  1. Follow others as they follow you inspiring bloggers needs to show the love and share support.
  2. Make sure your context is readable and flow well.
  3. Comment and share on other bloggers articles. leave a like or actual comment to show support. 😘😊👍
  4. Learn to network with each other and collaborate on some things that are in common share advice. 😊
  5. Be respectable of everyone’s blogs, post, articles, and business websites. We all are passionate a bought what we write.
  6. Most of all have fun blogging and enjoy what you 💘.


Happy Blogging😊

Have Bless Day Luv Bugs💋