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Life is not always fair, but GOD is always FAITHFUL


Have you been so stressed and unhappy lately? Thinking about all the things that have been going wrong instead of reflecting on what you have been going right? Being overwhelmed or having second thoughts on your life?



In life we need to reflect on the positive in our lives rather than the negative. If, so we would learn to enjoy life even during are most difficult times in life. I know my blog post are full of inspiration and motivation, but it also tells you ways to cope with life as you go through your difficult times. I’m relating from self-preservation because I know what it feels like to endure difficult times.

We as people must prepare and get ourselves in a state of mind where we are ready for anything. Meaning whatever mindset, you are in you must learn to live and be humble in any circumstance. life will not be easy you know God never said that it was. As our messiah he has been through everything we ever endured. He never said that we would not suffer and must compromise in life but what God did say is to enjoy life and overcome the battles of destruction with strength and courage to defeat any and everything that is not of God.

Here is a little humor for you have you ever heard, and I quote “What Don’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger” unquote we must be strong life is full of obstacles but by having grace we will defeat all things in Jesus name.

I would like to share something with you all on how I overcame circumstances of overwhelmed in my life of being a mother and a wife, you must do so many things vice versa with the fathers. As mother we want to have our cake and eat it to figuratively speaking I know how women are because I’m one but as nurtures and even providers to my single mother and fathers we want are freedom sometimes. However, we must obey and abide by our family and marriage first haveing to much freedom from your family and duties as a parent can lead you off track and overwhelmed with

        Daily routine as a Parent

  • Get the kids up in the morning
  • Take the children to school
  • Go to work yourself
  • Work an 8 to 5 shift
  • Pick the kids up from school or daycare and help with their homework
  • Pick up groceries and prepare dinner so the husband can eat & take a lunch
  • Study for your exam because you went back to school after having a midlife crisis
  • Prepare everyone for bedtime, iron school clothes for next day and you’re still awake because you must clean the kitchen.

I remember when I had to make a choice either continue roaming town as a single woman because I wanted independent freedom or change my life and focus on my children and my marriage. I know we tend to get frustrated and want to give up, but I just want to let you know that my God is an Awesome God oh yes, he is, and we must learn to choose to be happy through the good and bad days even if our hair stick on top of are head when we take the kids to school or forget are car keys in the house trying to get the kids to school. I want you to know that God never put more on you than you can bear look at it as your wake up call from heaven.

If you ever feel overwhelmed just pray to Our Father God and ask him to remove your burdens just like Paul in the bible did basically he had to learn to be humble. In addition, Paul realized he had to make the best of whatever it was that he would face in life.

When we allow our self to be humble we begin to appreciate God more through all the battles in our lives. You start to find yourself indulging into God more than ever embracing and praising him on a daily.

Remember he who strengthens me from any circumstance I withhold: I am self-sufficient and Christ sufficiency]” (Philippines 4:11-13).


follow in prayer if you like. 👇


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In The Midst of Your Faith

Hello, everyone, it’s a glorious day to be able to breathe another day. On today I come to you in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit we give God all the glory to be praised. I woke up thankful for the lord with a blessing and I was speechless.

Father God, I come to you today and ask that you cover anyone that is sick and that may be experiencing any kind of financial hardship, care or wellness. Father God, I come to you and ask that you clear all minds, hearts, and souls to be pure and humbled father God. I ask that you bind the enemy and send him back to hell where he belongs to father, God. I ask that you look over our children as we leave them to go out in this wicked world father God and I just ask that you just keep our nation covered father God because we never know when it’s our turn to experience destructiveness in our lives. I ask that you give us the strength to be encouraged and to understand your will in Jesus name Amen.

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Faith Being Tempted


I wanted to base today’s bible study tool on temptation – the act of tempting or the state of being tempted especially to evil. As in the bible when Jesus was led by the spirit in the wildnerness to be tempted by the devil.

Have you ever allowed yourself to indulge in temptation? Some people gonna say oh no but sure you have because we are all saints until proven otherwise in God’s eyes.

Matthew 4:1-10 The devil temptations focused on three crucial areas

  • Physical desire and Power
  • Possession
  • Pride

Physical desire & power- is a motivational state and an interest in sexual objects or activities, or wish, or drive to seek out sexual objects or to engage in sexual activities.

Don’t allow the enemy to lust over your marriage God place two people to be wedded for a reason. the enemy does not like anything that God created so he will send spirits to corrupt the mind man or women lusting on one’s marriage rember real power come from God.


Matthew 5:27 Old Testament it is said its wrong to have sex with someone other than his or her spouse(Exodus 20:14). But Jesus said that the desire to have sex with someone other than your spouse is mental adultery and thus sin.

Possession the state of having, owning, or controlling something.

Exodus 20:17 To convert is to wish to have the possessions of others. It goes simply admiring someone else’s possessions or thinking, I wish I had one of those.” Conveting includes envy- resenting the fact that others have what you don’t.


Stop allowing yourself to be a looking glass and wanting what someone else has it can be a man, car, house, whatever case may be know that it’s ok to admire but to envy goes a long way with sin and it will corrupt you.

Pride a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.


Isaiah 47:10 “You felt secure in your wickedness and said, ‘No one sees me; Your wisdom and your knowledge, they have deluded you; For you have said in your heart, I am, and there is no one besides me”.

Allow God to lead you, people, don’t get caught up in temptation and allow the devil to mislead in to trickery. 






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Spiritual Fasting Without Knowing

Realizing there is a problem

when I started fasting the first time I didn’t even know I was. I simply wanted to change something that I thought was displeasing and unhealthy to me my belly baby fat. It has always been an issue with me since I had my children so quick to forget about oneself as time fly by raising kids. Now that they are born and growing up experiencing their own life. I’m still here stuck with this remaining weight not too much but so much that I notice I don’t want to hang around. Realizing that it is time to give up the fatty foods and indulge on some more healthier choices can I get an Amen lol. In addition, this can cause such a big impact on life and can be hard to deny without the right guidance, prayer, and faith. It is hard sometime to realize we have a problem with something and lack the knowledge to change it.

Weight loss Journey
Fasting without Knowing

Fasting Begin Without Knowing

I started to tell myself the only way I could become more healthier and come off blood pressure pills was to make a life change of eating healthy so, I begin to start with giving up fatty foods which we call are comfort foods. you know the ones that make us feel so warm inside and cozy you get my drift. I immediately cut out meats, bread, and sweets oh my that was so easy to say as I plan my journey of losing 20 lbs. but to do this I had to keep it consistently with  the grace of GOD to keep my mind focus on what was the real purpose why I really want to do this. The first week I ate cucumber salad and drunk green vegetable smoothies


snacks, grapes, oranges, apples and grapefruit with water to drink. I did this for a straight month the more I begin to do this my mind begin to be clearer than ever. I realize that I no longer woke up with migraines like the sun had landed in my bed and awaken me. the aching pain in my knees from lack of cartilage and nerve damage in my legs. so, I knew that there was a change in my health during this month because all the things that irritate me no longer existed. I continue with my diet plan. The more I did this routine I realize that GOD was paying attention to what I was doing. He begins to speak to me and I was able to hear him clearer than any time I ever had he begin to speak and tell me things which allowed me to fast.

In the Bible What to Do When Fasting 

2 Chronicles 20:3

When the nation was faced with disaster, Jehoshaphat called upon the people to get serious with GOD by going without food (fasting) for a designated time. By separating themselves from the daily routine of food preparation and eating, they could devote that extra time to considering their sin and praying to GOD for help. Hunger pangs would reinforce their feelings of penitence and remind them of their weakness and their dependence upon GOD. Fasting still can be helpful today as we seek God’s will in special situations.


“The gracious hand of our GOD is on everyone who look to him. 23 so we fasted and petitioned of our GOD about this, and he answered our prayer”.

I begin to reconcile and renew my life with praying for people more than I prayed for myself because I was no longer blind. I begin to see flesh in a different way. I must say some people would have been scared out of their minds, but I wasn’t the way it was presented to me was not in a threatening way more of my child I want you to slow down and really pay attention to what’s in front of you and acknowledge who and what it is do not be misled the enemy come in all kind of disguise.



Fasting humbled them because going without food was a reminder of their completed dependence of GOD fasting also gave them more time to pray and meditate on GOD. Too often we pray and superficially serious prayer, by contrast, requires concentration It puts us in serious prayer we reduce GOD to a quick service, pharmacist with painkillers for our every need.

After this transformation I begin to knell more than ever and praise my GOD for the things he has bless me with and still to this day. Always remember that GOD does things for us to wake up and pay attention even when we don’t even realize it until after.

Have a bless day luv bugs



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Discerned Faith & Truth

God has mold me into the person I was meant to be and allowing me to experience a renewed life. Which has completed me with pure faith oh my GOD is an awesome GOD. However, I just want to thank him on today not liked any other day is different but the moment I started this blog I new that I was going to be ok with experiencing myself biblically and learning to except what GOD has placed in me and it’s ok to share and express this renewed life. Who doesn’t want anyone to hear the word of GOD besides the non- believers and I’m praying that one day they will have a change of religion to receive GOD as our savior as well.
I have come to realize that accepting the truth can sometimes lead to feelings being heart and pain endured but to get closer to God you are going to experience somethings. Call this your leap of faith but don’t be naive learn from them. Don’t take the lesson and leave it in vain use it to elevate yourself higher. The enemy like that fact that people drink alcohol, drugs, clubbing and fleeing through the town with all kind of destruction manipulating, fornicating, lying, gossiping stealing killing etc. All of these are all displeasing to GOD don’t be misled. Kingdom comes without observation “observation” meaning you can’t see it sort of like being blind to the truth. Stop relying on human observation and put your faith in Jesus Christ he is the one to lead you, uplift you, guide you, and never will forsake you. Being spiritual has enlighten me to see everything for what it is. In the bible this would be call “discerned” to look beyond the physical (metaphysical) into the realm of the unseen. However, most people would get this confuse with assumption. Assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
The Truth is I have excepted these gifts of the holy spirit and learn to use them as a tool to share the knowledge as it come to me to share my journey filled with motivation and inspiration. GOD is an almighty GOD I just wish that everyone would feel that way. The bible is like a living tool for us to utilize it while we live on earth. Have ever set down and read the whole bible? I know I haven’t but the more I read it the more knowledge I gain.

The displeasing things we do as humans the mistakes and destruction are all in the bible to warn us to keep such things from happening. call this his wisdom biblically speaking, in the human form intuition. GOD did not die on the cross for his people to suffer in vain we all no that he died for our sins so, why continue to do things that are displeasing in the eyes of the lord. I know I’m not perfect, but my GOD learn from your mistakes and lead by example don’t allow your mistakes to keep occurring. Failure is not permanant act if, that’s the case GOD would have not created “CHANGE” the act of instance of making or becoming different. We all can understand something immediately and we all have choices to choose if we want to except change. I come here today and ask you to do something for yourself and change something in your life that you no longer like about yourself that is displeasing in GOD eyes.

As I lead us in to prayer feel free to join me👇

Dear heavenly, father as I come to you today and ask of you to clear all minds and hearts and for feel these individuals that come to you on this glories day and allow them to change the things that are not pleasing to you GOD our heavenly father and give them the understanding to know that its ok to be different and rebuke anything that is not of you my lord in Jesus name I pray Amen.
If your feeling like you can no longer deal with things in your life anymore I’m always here to provide courage, positive inspiration, motivation,and prayer.

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P.S Don’t allow the enemy to drop in and turn you 👈 while you are 👉 right. Start realizing that the only way you can be for certain about something is to apply yourself and take necessary steps on gaining change till next time.
Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs💋

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True Testimony: Discerning Spirits:

When faced with Job Related Obstacles

Have you ever gone for an interview a didn’t understand the discerning spirit you were receiving from the manager or did not quit understand why the interview went the way it did? let me tell you about an obstacle I experienced.

I went for an interview at a nursing home did not even know it was a nursing home until I got there arrived and set for 15 minutes waiting for the interviewer before I was approached and when she did I was asked a bunch of question that did not pertain to the job basically asking personal related question/ work ethics but the main question that caught my attention from the administrator was when she asks me “what are your weakness if any”?

According to Indeed Career Guide giving a response to your strengths and your weakness will give the company a compelling description of what you bring to the table and how you wish to grow in the future.

My response:  I took a moment to think before I answered her like is this a trick question and why would she want to know if I have a weakness or not so, I replied ” I have always been strong and able to maintain my work ethics” I have worked and supervised many people within my job experience so I know how to cope and come up with strategic tools to handle the current situation if not I will recommend to next in command.

Now some of you may be thinking hmm she got to have a weakness let me refer to King James in the Bible Samson & Delilah Judges 16:18. Samson was seduced by a prostitute every night until she got him to tell his weakness he began to speak” no razor has ever been used on my head” because I have been a Nazairite dedicated to GOD from my mother womb. If my head is shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as other man Judges 16:18.

My point is if you have a weakness do not tell anyone for the enemy maybe listening. Only share your weakness with GOD for evil spirits will wait to pond off on you and use them against you to weaken you spiritually and physically do not be deceived. As a manager she should have been asking me about work ethics pertaining to the job. If, your staff is so short, and you have a person of interest that is willing to apply for the position and is qualified than that should have been enough.

The devil comes in all kinds of ways to weaken the mind do not belittle yourself for money if you know you are educated and well equipped for the job telling a weakness will only give the enemy something to attack you with. Always remember time and observation often reveals what is beneath the pleasant appearance.