Come Along & Enjoy The Journey With Me

My life has been more than just difficult task. God seem to show me that I am tougher then I seem to be. discovering God’s gift and prayer are amazing when you see the work of the holy spirit nothing can come between that. remember when you feel small and useless remember GOD uses ordinary people to do his extraordinary work.

On this blog, you will see inspirational speaking and testimonies of me as my life takes this renewed journey of a positive life. It has not always been as easy as we plan it to be. although we will continue to be faced with obstacles of deception and truth and I quote “This to shall pass”. In addition, we have to place our full armor on and be ready for war, so we can balance between wisdom and vulnerability to accomplish GOD’s work.

I will give nothing but pure encouragement and inspiration on various of topics on day to day living to inspire one’s need. I am not a therapist or a licensed counselor. However, I am only sharing my testimonies of me and inspirational information to lead by example to inspire others. I am speaking from experience I suffer from anxiety and now depression do to my Illness. If you need immediate help I advise you to seek professional help in your local County as soon as possible. Mental Health is very serious & so are severe disease.

If you would like to follow in prayer, please click the link

Prayer for Restoration

11 thoughts on “Come Along & Enjoy The Journey With Me”

  1. I am so grateful for reading your blog today. I do believe that God acts in mysterious ways and it’s not without reason that I select this one to comment, thank you.

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  2. Thank you for sharing such positive posts! I think everyone needs some inspiration especially these days with how negative the internet can be! This is a great reminder to pray daily!

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