Prayer Warrior page

“Worry Prayer”

OH God you are the God of peace and I am A worrier. Take away my worry and give me some of your peace. Father God help me not waste my time worrying about things that I can no longer control.

allow me to accept them and over come in Jesus name. Lord grant me a quite night and peaceful sleep Amen.


“Strength Prayer”

Dear, Heavenly Father give me the strength to endure this situation and find the blessings and lesson that it contains. Please give me the endurance to continue ahead. Please guide my thoughts; words and actions so that I walk your path of peace and love.


“Prayer for anxiety & stress

Oh, heavenly father I come to you today to clear my mind because my soul is weary. Worry of fear and doubt. I come and ask of you father god surround me on every side. I want to embrace your sweet mercy. I wish to no longer bind myself to be held back my lord. Hear my cry father god let me trust in your mercy. Show me how to free my anxiety & stress. Clear my mind so that I may find rest in your loving amen. (Psalm: 121, 116, 27, 34, 40, and 62).


“Sicken & pain Prayer”

Dear heavenly, father I come to you on this day to not complain but to simply ask in your name that you bind all sickness and pain from my body rejuvenate me with your will father god Allow me to be heal in your name. reach out over my entire body send your spirit down as my restoration for health. I ask that you cleanse my soul relieve all pain and remove all tears and replace with pure happiness my grace and mercy in Jesus name amen.

“Overcoming the lies of the enemy”

From this day forward, I will condemn the thoughts that the devil sends to penetrate my mind and confess that I will defeat the enemy by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony. I pray just as you promised heavenly father that every weapon formed against me shall not prosper. The holy spirit will rise a standard against the strong holds and they will be cast down and destroyed in Jesus name amen.