Inspiration for Today

Hello, everybody, I hope today has been a learning experience for each an every one of you. To be able to receive the blessing of waking up and experiencing life another day.

In addition, I pray for the ones not knowing how blessed they really are due to them worrying abought who, why, and where.

I want to leave you with 3 things before you close your eyes to sleep.

1.Love thy self before you try and love another.

2.Except your own character and do not envy or idealize.

3. Conduct yourself to the right spirit, GOD.

Until next time God loves you and so do I.


Learn To Be loved The Right Way

Embracing the Holy Spirit I was once one who look at people in the church and didn’t understand what he or she was feeling or seeing but now that I have been elevated to receive the holy spirit and embrace something passionate with God now there is no turning back. I feel the power and grace of his mercy and it is amazing. When you embrace the Holy Spirit you will not lust or want anything that is not of God. All bitterness, malice, clamor, envy, resentment, intolerance, criticism, revenge, wrath, hatred, seditions, jealousy, attack, sarcasm, unforgiveness will be removed.

I have learned to submit and give myself completely to God.

Walking in the spirit will change the way you talk, the way you eat, the way you speak all of your decisions and everything you ever endured will be different but remember it must be done daily as a devotion no matter where you are be obedient and communion with God. Allow yourself to be loved the right way and everything will fall into place when abiding in Christ.

Happy Thursday

Coming soon a prayer worrier page with plenty prayers and more to help guide you through those most difficult times we face in life. Thanks to every one that has been commenting and liking my blog website 👇

Be restored & enjoy being you😉

Enjoy being you

The  only life you can enjoy is your own. People are not happy with their lives because they’re too busy embracing the reality of others.

  • I wish I was married👰
  •  I wish I had children💑
  •  I wish I had what they have👝👗💍

 I wish I had a big house and a nice 🚗 

But the thing is we have to embrace our own personalities, talents, strengths and  weakness and realize change will not start until you do so take your own appointed lot in life and know that God is asking you to be faithful and obedient to him not to someone else. I want you to take your time and ask yourself what have I been doing with what I have been given?

I come to you today in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit to let you know enjoy your life not someone else’s you have to accept your life with the good and the bad improve yourself for you not to be like anyone else. 😉

 Have a blessed Monday🙌😀

June 1st summer begins

Hello, everyone dropping some fun inspiration and motivation for you today. Time to get active June 1st summer begins get your sunscreen your beach towels and your snacks time to start planning for fun activities get the kids going and ready for some adventure. Here are a few tidbits to get you going.

Some of the things you can do throughout the summer

  • Swimming, water parks, water rafting
  • Picnic
  • Dance classes
  • Cruise time (im so scared of water lol)
  • Summer vacation
  • Outside garden/ build a tree house
  • Write that book you always wanted to write (wink lol one coming soon)

Summer time is about creating that bucket list of things to do to keep you busy and excited with clean fun relaxing and enjoying something that was needed years ago  creating memories and enjoying time well spent.


Picnic are fun and it get the children engaged in outdoor activities. I decided to get everyone together and it turn out great the children were excited playing with the ducks and talking a bunch. I ask them if there was one things they could do to change and make better what would it be boy did this get them going. Teaching them how to love one another and join together even if its a picnic and small talk teaches them to fellowship with one another. They will have memories forever and so will I. What are some of things you have planned for the summer?

P.S  Remember fun & relaxing only😀😉

Have a Bless Day Luv Bugs

Daily Inspiration: I am Beautiful

Good morning, love bugs I wanted to come to you today with a bit of motivation as I was reading my daily bible study tools. I came over the desire to write to the people who may be feeling different. Some people feel they must fit in with a certain crowd and accommodate them to be as equal, but I just want to let you know that it’s OK to be different. Stop trying to change yourself to become recognize by others you are beautiful just the way you are. GOD created all of us different for a reason. We each have our own unique talents given to each of us. Learn and except who you are with confidence. I would like for you to pray this prayer with me “Lord you are here listening as I talk, and I want to acknowledge your presence and ask for your help with this situation no matter what I have been going through lord. I need you to strengthen me and encourage me to except myself for who I am physically, mentally, and spiritually. Replace my smile, laughter, and joy rebuild my courage and the desire to except myself for who I am. I want to rebuke any negative thoughts that I may be having and replace them with joy and courage in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Remember you are beautiful just the way you are.