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Are you being Influenced by Groupthink

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According to (Ivrin L. 1972) he developed the theory groupthink. this theory was described as a psychological phenomenon. for example, when people are in a group and not making decisions off harmony or conformity. In return, their results are more so dysfunctional because they’re agreeing with most of the group whether its right or wrong.

What Causes Groupthink

Sometimes people can be impacted by groupthink and do not realize it. people tend to not voice their own beliefs just to fit into the group. some people make decisions to do less taking while being entertained by the other in the group because they feel that being quiet doesn’t necessarily mean their are agreeing with what is going. you have to ask yourself do you agree with the conversation just to fit in or do you want to stand on your own beliefs? I always believed in the saying “agree to disagree” because it is ok to have a group discussion about certain things and agree to disagree it become like a debate and till a solution is provided.

Confused about Groupthink

Confusion on Group Conversation

Finding it difficult to understand groupthink? these became quite appealing to me as well because how does this behavior even happen? are we trying to do this on purpose? for example, listening to someone talk in a group and you didn’t quite agree with what they stated yet you still agreed because you thought that if you didn’t it would make that person either become aggressive, emotional, or difficulty expressing their response if you disagreed. this would most defiantly have me confused.

Do Groupthink Influence positivity

Positive Emotions and Behavior

There are numerous of things that can impact groupthink in a positive way. for examples, think about the work industry when you have a board meeting at work or team assignment at school.  They both involve collaboration create positive energy in the environment due to the interaction of collaboration and processed focused behavior because you can listen and fully understand different concepts that would best fit the situation as a team and not just one person’s decision.

Here are some signs to look for in Groupthink

  1. Pressure to being apart of the group.
  2. Ignoring that you disagree.
  3. Making up conversation to fit in.
  4. Thinking that your opinions is the only solution.
  5. Someone one become aggressive or angry because they do not agree with your opinion.
  6. Feeling disloyal if you don’t comply to the group.
  7. Voicing your own opinion not second guessing.
  8. Thinking everyone agrees because no one stated different.

Are you being Influenced by Groupthink

If so, what are some of the signs you recognize that you notice? majority of the information we receive is toxic information. for example, news and social media, even music is impacting our minds and the information we receive. In return, results in decreased energy. how can you have better control over your thoughts, while gaining a more positive outlook on life? I would love to here from you.

Educational Inspiration, Testimony

TCSG #Eagle 2019 Competition

This has been one of the most inspiring events of higher learning that I have been too. The Adult Education Literacy Program has been inspired by people like me who want to endure the quality of completing a Ged this program has been found for over 26 years and I am just thankful to be a part of so many people who are willing to change there life for the better. I had the chance to meet people from all regions of Georgia Technical Colleges. This is how life supposes to be full of positivity for a greater good. This is what allows me to keep going.

Remember “No age is too old to complete a GED or High School Diploma”. I just want to say thank you Columbus Technical College Adult Education Program for giving me the opportunity to have a second chance to complete my GED. I’m so excited that it gives me the fuel to keep inspiring others who think that there to old to obtain a GED. No worries because of Adult Education is here for you. Tell a friend to tell a friend school is the way to Go!!!